don’t let me rain on your parade

[I don’t know if your mom is sick, because you’re a lier; I mean Liar; you know]


Your mom is sick, yet you are both going to go join the protest

but your mom is sick

so sick, that you cancelled seeing me

I think its been a week or more since

so your moms sick


you know what?

I felt a sense of RELIEF when you cancelled

I swear to God, I only pretended to be angry

Or maybe I am annoyed with you, but more annoyed with

My mother, and taking it out on you is easier

but i don’t care. I think I know see you

as a friend. Or better yet, I friend-zoned you.


Glad you stopped taking those steroids. That was

the death of us. But who cares. As long as no one is

left hurt. And I’m ok. Really. It was a really really really weird experience

dating a man who doesn’t sleep with you. I mean .. wow. lol.


Anyways. Go have fun, don’t let me rain on your parade


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