Do I love him>?

How the hell do I know. ?

Trust me, I thought I loved someone once. maybe multiple ‘someones;’

and of course I thought it was love. and maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but what

I do know, is it didn’t work out.

And of course I though they would. really, I did think so.

I don’t really date people who don’t have a chance. I don’t think its fair to.


So they all have a chance. It may be big, it may be small, but its there.

So do I love him?

I mean. yes? no. thats not true.

I care about him. And if I said “love;”

it had to be infatuation. I’m glad we got that phase overwith,

lets get down to the nitty gritty, lets see what you and I are really made of.

Is there love? or can it be built between us?


Well. You have a chance. I don’t know how big it is right now.

Maybe the next time I see you, Ill have it for you.


Because other lives are involved, I take things a little more seriously,

a little more quickly. Otherwise, i’d make you wait longer.


I shouldn’t have to decide so soon. I should get to keep deciding,

learning, and figuring it out.


Why do people rush each other to that point of comfort and stagnation?


Isn’t it more exciting not knowing? and constantly doing delightful things for

one another? I guess thats what they call the “courting” stage. I dig it.


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