Lets Write About Love

Lets write about love.

I have been afraid to write about it for a long time.

When I was a bit younger, I’d have no problem.

I was full of the youthful blind optimism.

Full of life.

Of course, life then happens, and as it does,

you become that jaded almost 30 something year old.

It creeps up on you. And although you still fall in-love,

It is short lived. Why? Many reasons. One of the greatest,

has to be because deep down, a-part of you stop believing

in love. Just completely stop. And you start waiting for these

supposed “true colors” to come out in someone, or,

you start fearing they will find something in you not to like.

It always is that case; this waiting game.

So then true love becomes very ..

temporary to say the least.

You are almost unwilling to go out again, but the harder you

try to stay single, the more men want to be with you.

They not only love the challenge, the conquest,

but they also think you must be something special if

you are too good for them.

And what do you do? Remain too good for them, until they

loose interest? or give in, only to have them realize,

Oh, your normal. Once your guard is down, you want to

be accepted as a human and loved as one. Not this constant

game of making them work for your approval.

But even if you were to make them work for your approval,

non-stop lets say… it still wouldn’t work. Something would

make it not work.

How do people end up married? Oh gosh. Coercion.

Manipulation. Correct game playing.

Each player must play the rules of the game, and

“play to win.”

Must be careful to not give-in to your own desires and temptations.

Must be careful to not show weakness.

Maintain control.

You play to win, and there are rules. They will push your limits.

But you remind yourself, you are there to win. In it to win it baby.

Like my friend Sarah(not her real name).

She played to win. I don’t know that it all worked exactly as

she wished it, but ultimately, she got what she wanted, or close to it,

but more importantly: she’s happy.

(read about her story on the blog titled – Girls who know how to win it)

If you are out there, like me, in this big world…trying to juggle

life, and love simultaneously, and often find you are crying yourself to sleep, feeling like you’re never going to find your “some-one” (yet

remarkably falling in-love at least once or twice a year, maybe more),

I can relate.

Is it us? Is it them? Is it everyone?

I will not. I repeat, I will notttt give you love advice.

But I have dated enough, to be able to share my experiences with you.

All of them. No holding back.

Brace yourself.