“I think it’s their spirit. Not jaded yet. But also thats the range of what’s most out there and single in San Diego.”

Thats the answer I get when I ask a 38 year old man why he dates 21 year olds.

I mean wow. Do you see what I’m talking about? Some men don’t even give older women a chance because they perceive them to be “jaded.”

So then you’re genius solution is to date younger women, so they can become jaded faster? For the love of god, leave young women to date young men. FTLOG (for the love of GOD).

Like really? you need an almost 20 year difference when you’re looking for a date?


Another idiot bites the dust. I told him I have nothing in common with a man his age, who feels the need to date 21 year olds.

He assumed, based on my looks, that I was 23 “but you’re so young for me!”

Idiot. What is wrong with society. If my daughter tried to date an older man, that old, i’d slap her straight and tell her to stop acting like a gold digging hussy. And i’d slap some sense into him too.




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